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Upcoming Bullet Journaling Classes:

Let's be honest; there are two types of self-carers.
Those who are killing it in the gym, managing a balanced diet while keeping their email inbox at 0. Then, there are those who are keen colouring-inners and Netflix bingers.

Thankfully, Bullet Journaling allows you to look after yourself by doing both!

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Bullet Journal + Self-Care Workshop
Sunday March 4th, 2018
Sorry I'm Late (Cafe)
2a/10 Breese St, Brunswick 3056

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Welcome to our community. Here's the place to start.


Firstly, a bullet journal is simply a notebook that includes everything from your planner, diary, to-do lists as well as everything else you need and want it to be.

So what's all the hype about?

Well, if you've ever bought a pre-printed journal that didn't suit your needs or currently overwhelmed with the number of apps required to manage stay on top of your responsibilities, then bullet journaling is the answer.

The bullet journaling system helps you to remain focused and mindful of your current commitments, while allowing for flexibility, customisability and creativity in your everyday.

Great idea? We think so too.


What do our classes cover?

Using bullet points as the main organising structure, we will show you how to use this method of journaling to develop an organising system that is customised to your life so that you can remain flexible, calm and organised.  

By having conversations about the current busyness of our lives, processes for productivity and identifying what is actually important to us, our classes adopt a practical approach to ensure that your journal effectively works for you (rather than becoming overwhelmed with the pressure of making it look Insta-worthy).

After identifying what is actually valuable for us to be writing down, we will start with learning how to structure your journal to manage all your life admin in a quick and tidy way.

Then, we’ll look at how you can include life hacks, such as goal setting, habit trackers or pages for all your interests.


Previous and Current Clients:

  • Laneway Learning
  • Banyule Youth Services
  • RMIT University's Student Union
  • Monash University


Contact us for private and customised classes.